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As fans of Cebollitas we should be together in everything.  There's a kid named Panagiotis Savvidis and another one that uses the nick vandi_for_ever, they're dedicated to steal all the photos of this site (and the ones that isa gave me), besides Georgia's photos (the girl of the english site).  

They have a club that have 152 photos, where 112 are mine (counting the isa's photos) and the rest of the photos are from Georgia's site.  They don't have a single photo that's belong to them.  This is without mention that they just published the adults part with more of our photos, and the part of the couples.  That means that the site is a total fraud.  

I aks them, in a very nice way, to take them off, but they don't want.  First, Panagiotis was saying that was Georgia that gave him all the photos and now, vandi_for_ever says that those are her photos because she found them, and download them.

Both fully refuse to remove them, and i want that we all together make them take the photos off.  Not because i can't share with them, but, because the take them without permission, and that's what i call TO ROB (TO STEAL)

I believe that the only way to make them do something is bombing their emails.  Since they're from Greece you just can write them in english or greek.  If you know english (i know you do because your reading this) write them whatever you want, or just copy this lines:


In Spanish: In English: In Greek:
PAREN DE ROBAR!! Quiten las fotos de Anelys, Isa y Georgia, porque no les pertenecen.  Acaso no tienen la capacidad de conseguir suyas? Este es un email de parte de todos los fans latinos de Cebollitas STOP STEALING!! Take off the pictures from Anelys, Isa and Georgia, because they don't belong to you.  Don't you have the capacity to find your own pictures? This is an email from all the latin fans of Cebollitas. MIN KLEVIS!! Vgale oles tis fotografies tis Anelys, Isa kai Georgia dioti den sou anikoun. Den mporeis na breis apo monos sou fotografies? Auto einai ena email apo olous tous filous tis Cebollitas apo latiniki ameriki.
Those are the emails:
Of Panagiotis:  Of Vandi: 







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